Farm Open

Fridays 10AM- 4 PM

Most evenings by appointment.  Call 443-398-6548 or email to place an order or schedule a pick-up.

Be sure to drive all the way back to the end of the lane.  You'll pass two horse farms- one on your left and then one on your right. Look for second Evermore Farm sign, two-story brick farmhouse and red bank barn.

No Sunday Sales

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Welcome! We've Got Good Taste- Naturally!

Evermore-Grown with Care

Holiday hams, pork loin roasts, Prime Rib roasts, and specialty lamb cuts now available. Contact us at for prices, availability, and to reserve yours today. Pickup at the farm scheduled for Saturday, December 20th.

We're so glad you found us. Evermore Farm is a small, family owned and operated livestock and produce farm. We are located in Westminster, MD. We raise all our animals on pasture and practice rotational grazing.  Although we are not certified organic, we run our farm in a sustainable manner. We support local food systems, better stewardship of our land, and raising animals with respect."Local" food has been produced on this farm for 250 years!

Why Eat Pastured-Raised Meat ?

You’ve probably heard that pastured meat is a fad, a fraud, and no different nutritionally from conventional meat. Please don’t believe these accusations blindly. Do your own exploring and thinking on this issue.

  • Animals raised on pasture are in their natural environment; animals raised in a confined feedlot are not.
  •  Cows should have plenty of fresh grass to eat, chickens should be able to peck in the dirt and eat bugs, and pigs should be able to root and wallow.
  • Pastured animals are healthier than feedlot animals, and thus need less antibiotics and additives to get them ready for market
  • Pastured meat has a better nutritional profile than feedlot meat
  • Many feedlot conditions are disgusting and inhumane
  • Buying pastured meats supports local farms and the local economy


Animal Welfare Approved



"Yes, I am the gate.  Those who come in through me will be saved.  They will come and go freely and will find good pasture." John 10:9

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